Re: Why wont it do what I want it to do?

On Sun, 2006-06-11 at 14:31 +0300, Janne Ojaniemi wrote:
> What am I doing wrong here? I don't think that my wants and needs are
> unreasonable, as far as photomanagement is concerned. And still, F-Spot
> constantly fights against me.

Well, the version number is still far from 1.0.0 :)

> I want to import those pics to F-Spot. No problem. I select the
> import-tool, select /multimedia/pics as the folder to import, select
> "include subdirectories", unselect the "copy files to photos-folder",
> and proceed with the import. And it does seem to work beautifully. After
> the import, I have bunch of pictures in F-Spot. All is well, now is it?
> Well, no. If I check the location of the picture in the filesystem
> (F-Spot offers no easy tool for this. It seems that I have to select
> "Copy Location", and paste the location to Terminal, in order to find
> out where the actual file is located. F-Spot itself never tells me where
> those pictures are in the filesystem). I notice that they are located
> in /home/janne/photos/xxxx/yyyy/zzzz, where the x, y and z is the date
> of the picture. And what I want is for those pictures to be
> in /multimedia/pics/<subject>
> I explicitly told F-Spot to NOT to copy the files to the Photos-folder.
> Yet it ALWAYS copies the files to my home-directory, so I have same set
> of pics copied in to multiple locations in the hard-drive. If I edit any
> of the photos in F-spot, the edits are applied to the files on my
> home-directory, and not to the pictures in /multimedia/pics.

Do the following:
1) Click on PLUS or choose File -> Import
2) Unselect COPY to Photos
3) Choose location of the photos to be imported
4) Perform the import

And yes, there are numerous bugs in Bugzilla on the import function. (which is your problem) (specify Photos place) (lots of complaints)

Larry has mention he is rewriting it to fix most or all of the problems.
And yes, there is also a patch in allowing you to specify your own
Photos location.

F-Spot is a desktop application, and as such it is not that easy to
share everything around. It is one thing to share the actual photos, but
F-Spot also have a database located in ~/.gnome2/f-spot/photos.db where
all the tags are stored for quick reference. And yes, there has been a
number of bugs/mails about this as well.

Please feel free to file bugs in BugZilla, since then the chance that
they are fixed is that much higher :)


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