Re: My first experiences with f-spot

On 6/2/06, Yoanis Gil Delgado <fred uh cu> wrote:
2-) Undo actions. Note i mean "action" and not a "picture editing action". A
very common mistake(for me) is to attach the wrong tag to a picture. I
though Ctrl+Z would solve the problem, but it did not worked.

Please file an enhancement bug report for this.

3-) Which tags are associated to a file. I know that in browse mode every
image has an overlay set of related tags. But, let says the image "Rose, Joe
and Mary.jpg" belongs to 3 categories (Joe,Rose and Mary). Each of these
categories are child of the People's category (yes, those are people names).
In this example the overlay shows the same icons for the 3
categories(People's tag icon). So there is no way to know the categories
names the image belongs at the very first look. Still would like to see,
when in browse mode, the categories name in some place.

I believe the icon related portion of this bug has been reported at - though the naming
part isn't.  It is simple to pop up labels for the tags shown in Edit
mode, but it is more difficult for Browse mode because the icons
aren't drawn as separate widgets but onto a common canvas (I believe).
This part of the issue probably has been reported in some other bug,
though I'm not sure.

Thanks for the ideas, they are appreciated.


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