My first experiences with f-spot

Hi list!!! . My name is Yoanis Gil Delgado and I'm studying Computers Science at the University of Havana. I want to thanks all of you for this great software.

I spent some time classifying my pictures and these are some stuffs i missed:

1-) Multiple picture selection. See 4)

2-) Undo actions. Note i mean "action" and not a "picture editing action". A very common mistake(for me) is to attach the wrong tag to a picture. I though Ctrl+Z would solve the problem, but it did not worked.

3-) Which tags are associated to a file. I know that in browse mode every image has an overlay set of related tags. But, let says the image "Rose, Joe and Mary.jpg" belongs to 3 categories (Joe,Rose and Mary). Each of these categories are child of the People's category (yes, those are people names). In this example the overlay shows the same icons for the 3 categories(People's tag icon). So there is no way to know the categories names the image belongs at the very first look. Still would like to see, when in browse mode, the categories name in some place.

4-) Tags shorcuts. Use case:

Lets say i have 4 main tags

1-) Rose

2-) Joe

3-) Mary

4-) Me

and a collection of 100 photos of them. Among those i can find photos from Rose and Joe, Mary and Rose, Joe and Me and so on. In the version i'm using(0.1.11), i needed to make a lot of clicks to classify them. It would be nice if there is a way to assign a shortcut to every tag, so when i can tag images by making clicks.

P.D: Sorry for the big talk and i hope i can put some code soon.

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