Re: XMP import patch - Best version yet :)

Stephane Delcroix wrote:
My thoughts about this:

when I made the 'push for 342137', the expected behavior for this patch
was to handle tags written by F-Spot. it's the most urgent feature to
enable partial backups.

I definitely agree that's an important bit of functionality... I'd also like to see a tag tree export mechanism... It'd take me quite a while to rebuild my tree of tags...

in the other hand, having an easy way to migrate from another
application, or importing lot of pictures with additional information
will bring new user and more love to F-Spot. and we need that also (I
receive enough love at home for now, but ... )

Making it easier for users with a lot of photos with metadata to move to f-spot is important. That's what motivated me to write my original version of the patch in the first place - I had ~5000 photos in iPhoto, all with metadata that I wanted to preserve.

I'm pretty sure this is surmountable -- I haven't looked into the image file thing yet, but I can see a few possible solutions:

  - fix the ImageFile class to do the 'right thing'
- change the tag importer code to actually check for the presence of xmp records - I suspect we're getting an empty xmp structure back - modify the tag importer code to handle both sidecars and embedded xmp data appropriately...

Warren, can you please send a picture with an attached sidecar ?

I've attached a tarball containing an image (without any xmp data) and a sidecar xmp file. When I comment out the block I mentioned in bengt's patch, the image get's imported with several tags associated with it.

I scaled the image down a lot so the attachment doesn't take up too much space.


Attachment: sample_sidecar.tar.gz
Description: GNU Zip compressed data

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