Re: XMP import patch - Best version yet :)

My thoughts about this:

when I made the 'push for 342137', the expected behavior for this patch
was to handle tags written by F-Spot. it's the most urgent feature to
enable partial backups.

in the other hand, having an easy way to migrate from another
application, or importing lot of pictures with additional information
will bring new user and more love to F-Spot. and we need that also (I
receive enough love at home for now, but ... )

in the third hand (or take this one with your foot or your mouth), we
need to preserve all the work done. I suggested to Bengt to remove the
#define and he did, loosing some knowledge and code lines. I'm the
guilty one, but the Big White Rabbit will forgive me (I hope)

so, now that Bengt's patch definitively takes a good shape, I suggest
that we focus on this issue. I don't have particular knowledge about the
2 patches (but I reviewed Bengt one a lot of time and tracked some
issues though) and I'm ready to test and review it.

Warren, can you please send a picture with an attached sidecar ?

best regards,


On Fri, 2006-07-28 at 00:23 +1000, Bengt Thuree wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-07-27 at 09:39 -0400, Warren Baird wrote:
> > Hi Bengt,
> > 
> > I haven't had time to do a detailed code review, but I skimed the patch, 
> > applied it and played with it a bit.  As written it doesn't let me do 
> > what I had originally written the patch for - take a set of photos from 
> > an app that doesn't support xmp, write a script to generate sidecars for 
> > each photo, and then import them into f-spot.
> > 
> >          ImageFile img = ImageFile.Create (path);
> > 	if (img is SemWeb.StatementSource) {
> The above line always returns true that there are XMP data in the photo itself. 
> Since there is XMP data in the photo, there will be a problem if there is a sidecar also. 
> Which XMP tag will be the main one, if you have one set of keywords and title in the photo itself, 
> and another in the sidecar?
> If you check some older versions of the patch, there is a conditional
> define that changes from ImageFile to JpegFile, and then your Sidecar
> functionality will work fine.
> > Unless there's a really good reason for not reading sidecars from jpegs, 
> > I'd appreciate it if you renabled this functionality.
> The sidecar functionality is there, just that ImageFile has to indicate
> that there are no XMP data in the photo.
> I am not sure which is the correct way forward on this one.
> Perhaps some more comments from others?
> /Bengt
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