Pushing patch for 342137


without any response to my long talk called 'Goals and
Milestones' (http://mail.gnome.org/archives/f-spot-list/2006-July/msg00065.html ), I'm guessing that everyone out there will be happy to see things move a bit more in F-Spot.

With your help, I'd like to make a little experiment of things described
in that mail, and set a new goal for us, developers, testers and users.

Goal: Getting XMP import patch into CVS HEAD.

How to do it ?
a) making it compliant with latest CVS (done, thx Bengt)
b) Larry need to approve the idea of having an 'XMP import capability'
c) Unifying Bengt and Warren patch. Find out the required things from
both patches
d) reviewing and commenting
e) commit into CVS HEAD

Are you in ?
This is more a social experiment than a real coding challenge. If you
have coding capabilities and some time (less than an hour), please reply
to this and say 'I'm in'

Due date:
We could do it in 2 weeks. So let's say Aug. 4th. I'll hope having this
in CVS for that day. If nothing has moved at all for the 4th, I'll
consider this experiment as failed...

Why this patch ?
- Because it makes the 'Write metadata to file' useful
- As stated in http://f-spot.org/New_Features , XMP support is an
upcoming feature
- it's a very active bug (9 patches from 2 developers in 2 month)
- Bengt, one of the patch writer is already 'in'

And after this ?
If this experiment is a success, I still have a lot of ideas and goals
in order to make F-Spot better.

Best Regards,
Stephane Delcroix
stephane delcroix org

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