Importing XMP data with SemWeb

Hi all,

I've been looking into how to get XMP importing working - specifically for Category/Tag values.

I looked at the XMP writing code in JpegHeader, and all it's doing is adding an anonymous bag containing the Category/Tag names as strings. I've only done a bit of reading on XMP so far --- is this really the best way to store Category/Tag data? Is that the format I should look for when importing? It seems overly general to just assume that any rdf::Bag structure I find contains category names. Is their a standard XMP namespace for storing this kind of information that we should use?

While I'm asking silly questions - is there any way to get at the hierarchical structure of an XMP file via the semweb code? I've taken a quick look through the semweb docs and haven't seen anything --- everything I find seems to walk through statements as if it was a flat list. What I'd like to do is find the bag containing the category information and then walk through it's children specifically. some kind of DOM-like access to the data would be best...



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