Re: Importing XMP data with SemWeb

The best reference I know of for questions like this is the IPTC schema
for XMP:

This documentation is nice because it tells how to map legacy IPTC IIM
metadata to XMP format and vice versa, as well as specifying all the
commonly used fields available in Photoshop.

If f-spot were to implement all the same fields as Photoshop, I think
we'd be in good shape.


On Mon, 2006-04-17 at 09:47 -0400, Warren Baird wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been looking into how to get XMP importing working - specifically 
> for Category/Tag values.
> I looked at the XMP writing code in JpegHeader, and all it's doing is 
> adding an anonymous bag containing the Category/Tag names as strings. 
>     I've only done a bit of reading on XMP so far --- is this really the 
> best way to store Category/Tag data?   Is that the format I should look 
> for when importing?  It seems overly general to just assume that any 
> rdf::Bag structure I find contains category names.  Is their a standard 
> XMP namespace for storing this kind of information that we should use?
> While I'm asking silly questions - is there any way to get at the 
> hierarchical structure of an XMP file via the semweb code?  I've taken a 
> quick look through the semweb docs and haven't seen anything --- 
> everything I find seems to walk through statements as if it was a flat 
> list.   What I'd like to do is find the bag containing the category 
> information and then walk through it's children specifically.    some 
> kind of DOM-like access to the data would be best...
> Thanks,
> Warren
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