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As an additional data point, Google does AND by default.


On Sun, 2005-10-02 at 20:51 -0400, Andy Choens wrote:
> Just started using F-Spot.  Over-all I think it has great promise.
> For the record, I am using it on the latest Ubuntu preview, and
> have .13.  
> I've been going through and tagging my pictures.  I've found a few
> bugs, like the inability to resize the windows, etc....but am OK with
> this since it isn't even claiming to be beta quality yet.
> But, what really surprised me, and I consider to be a usability bug is
> the way it handles the boolean searches.  I'll explain more clearly.
> I have a friend named Carlos.  He and I have been to many places
> together.  I have many photos of he and I all over the place.  I have
> tagged the photos by location, and who is in the photo.  I have
> pictures from Camp, Climbing, and the local bar for instance.
> Now, let's pretend I want to search my photos.  I go and decide I want
> to look at Climbing pictures, and then I decide I want to see pictures
> of my friend Carlos.  It seems logical that I select the check boxes
> for Climbing and Carlos.  I assumed (and most people will too I
> believe) that checking 2 or more boxes performs the boolean logic of
> Show me every picture you have that are Climbing AND Carlos.   But,
> that is NOT what it is doing.  It instead shows me every picture I
> have that is marked Climbing OR Carlos.  Thus, instead of looking at
> pictures of us climbing together, like I wanted, I am looking at
> pictures of him at the bar.  Which is great, but not m goal at that
> moment.
> Is this a bug or intentional?  If it is intentional, may I suggest you
> modify this?  I don't know c#, but maybe I'll download and stare at
> the code.  This is supposed to be a high-level language, and the code
> base can't be that huge, it's a new project.  If I do decide to do
> this, could anyone give me a pointer on where the boolean logic would
> be for this so I can find what I'm looking for more quickly?
> Thanks,
> --andy
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