[Evolution] Message format changes when replying to HTML message even after selecting option to not lose format


Wondering if the following is an issue, or just me with incorrect expectations...

When I reply to a message in HTML format, I get the following question:

If I choose "Don't lose formatting", the original message in the composer window shows in HTML, but the format of the message being composed switches to my chosen default (Plain Text).

Composer window after choosing "Don't lose formatting":

My preferences:

If in the composer window I manually change the message format from Plain Text to HTML and send the email then everything is fine and no format is lost when the recipient opens the message.

However, if I forget to manually change the message format, then the original HTML is rendered to a plain text version, and embedded images are lost in the message received by the recipient.

Should the message format not be HTML if the user selects the option "Don't lose formatting" instead of changing to the user's chosen default format?


Eloy Paris.-

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