Re: [Evolution] Too many user defined flags

On Tue, 2021-09-07 at 18:35 -0400, Paulo Costa wrote:
I did right-click on the folders ("PC-1and1:INBOX" and "PC-
1and1:Boletins/Evolution") and checked the labels. The INBOX has 13
labels, all with complete pairs "Server Tab / Label", while the
Evolution folder had 9 labels, but only 3 were complete pairs. the
other 6 only had the server tag

that's quite interesting. The server rejects to save the "Junk" flag,
because it's not in the list yet and by adding it you might have exceed
the server-defined user flag count limit.

The best would be, from my point of view, to cleanup the "unused"
flags. Add the flags which do not have their pair in the folder
Properties (when you select the line in the list, the "Add" button will
get available), then filter the message list with those labels (above
the message list is a line starting with "Show:"; change the first
value, most likely "All Messages", to the label you want to remove).
Then select the shown messages (Ctrl+A) and then either in the context
menu or in the menu Message->Mark As->Label->... uncheck the labels you
do not use. Change the "Show:" filter back to the "All Messages".

Once you have it done in one folder, repeat that in the other folders
of the affected account as well, as they can contain the labels too.
Finally, remove the unused labels in Edit->Preferences->Mail
Preferences->Labels tab.

This should help the server, decrease the user flags/labels. I hope
it'll work. If not, contact the server admins and ask them for help.
There's nothing else evolution can do about it.


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