Re: [Evolution] How to display attached pictures ?

On Mon, 2021-09-06 at 07:31 +0200, Pierre THOMAS via evolution-list
I just hope some bugs in Evolution are to be corrected soon.

there are filled a lot of bugs, some important for some people, but not
for others. Which exactly are you talking about, please?

This particular thread is not about a bug, what you are asking for is a
feature request. As had been written by some participants of this
thread, the suggested option may work fine for you, but can be harmful
for others, thus I'd be very careful and rather hesitate to implement

I recalled, one can Ctrl+Alt+1, Ctrl+Alt+2, ... to expand/collapse
the first, the second,... attachment, without using the mouse.
The Ctrl+Alt+0 toggles all the attachments at once.


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