Re: [Evolution] How to display attached pictures ?

Note that if the attachment was big enough, or with enough
the client could take a while to display the email contents if it
to inline all of them.

With Thunderbird, in the old time, when I had a slow Internet
connection, I decided not to display attached documents ... (the
parameter is available in the menu)  Now, with an optic fiber
connexion everything is very fast !
And it is so fast with Evolution that I wonder wether they are already
downloaded or not: I think they are, if they are:  why not a parameter
to enable to display them ?

I think you need to be very careful about auto-displaying attachments
in email. Yes, it all seems to be very sensible - who wouldn't want
pictures to be displayed in line if they are available. But auto-
displayed attachments is one of the methods that viruses get on
computers. The only thing I think it might be acceptable for is images,
but there are exploits for some jpeg viewers and malicious DoS
attachments are very easy to create. Autodisplaying some attachments in
an office setting - e.g. dodgy, pornographic images - would likely get
you in trouble.  It just needs to be treated with a bit of caution -
perhaps have a "only display in-line images from known contacts" the
same way as for HTML messages.

As for the download thing. That's not an issue.  This is to do with
attachments and they are part of the message so are download anyway -
you may be on the end of an optic fibre, not everyone is and large
messages are a real pain.  The only images that are downloaded
separately are those on the web linked to from within HTML messages -
and that is already all catered for.


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