[Evolution] Multiply replied message causes massive delays in composer editor

Evolution: 3.40.4 (3.40.4-2.fc34) Fedora Core

Does anyone else get a severe delay in the composer when replying to a message that has been bouncing back an forward multiple times?

I have a message to a support group that has bounced back and forth umpteen times, with all the earlier messages being indented and preceded with coloured vertical bars. As I type a reply (this is top replied, so older messages are unedited below and carry the full message history), the composer will just stop for minutes at a times. The keyboard appears to die (but it does buffer) . Replying to old, multiply replied messages, becomes almost unworkable. I can get around the problem by initially editing out (deleting) the indented earlier replies. So it seems the delay is in what the editor is doing with the 'old text'.

Steve T

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