Re: [Evolution] OAuth2 secret not found and gmail

On Tue, 2021-10-26 at 17:57 -0700, Van Snyder wrote:
I have no idea where to paste that into Evolution. An offer to save a
password in my keyring is not presented.

there's no place to paste it in, the whole process is supposed to run
inside the credential prompt. That it misbehaves is suspicious. Did you
update WebKitGTK recently? I do not know how Debian names it, maybe
webkit2gtk3 or any other name. I would try to downgrade it.

Did you replace an existing value in the Seahorse or the key was not
there at all? If you replaced it, then it's too late to restore to the
previous state. The "OAuth2 Secret not found" can also show when the
evolution-source-registry, or better the  libsecret, lost connection to
the gnome-keyring-daemon. There usually helps:
   $ evolution --force-shutdown
which restarts Evolution and all the evolution-data-server processes,
thus they reconnect to the (new) gnome-keyring-daemon and other
background processes, which could restart meanwhile.

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