Re: [Evolution] Error while Storing folder “Inbox”. table Inbox has 30 columns but 28 values were supplied

On Tue, 2021-10-26 at 21:14 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
Almost certainly that's because the Flatpack was a newer version and
so the databases it used are incompatible with the older native

I agree with that, the error suggests there had been done a downgrade
in the version, or there did not happen a migration between the
versions for some reason. (Side note: it's 'Flatpak', without the 'c',
I also had a hard time to remember to not write it there at the

Chris, this whole thread is a mess. What are we going to achieve here?
Are you going to use a packaged version or a Flatpak version? I
understood from the thread that the package version broke, most likely
after your manual cleanup of the files. I'd guess you deleted more than
just those in the home directory. This is the time when reinstall of
the packages will help. Do reinstall every package from the evolution
and evolution-data-server, thus the files are there (this can be
tricky, as I think Ubuntu doesn't have a "top level" evolution-data-
serer package, but it packages the data server libraries separately).
Try `evolution --force-shutdown`, to restart the evolution-data-server
background processes, unless you restarted the machine or did something

By the way, what Flatpak version is it, the one from the
That version runs independently from the host system (package) version,
they do not share any single bit. The Flatpak version saves its data
under ~/.var/app/org.gnome.Evolution/, you can delete that, to start
from scratch. Do that when nothing from the Flatpak version is running.
The processes are `ps ax | grep evolution | grep app`. You can use
`flatpak kill org.gnome.Evolution` to stop those.

With respect of the mark as spam, there can be various reasons. From
lost data for the bogofilter, to leftover \Junk flag on the messages
(if you use IMAP), to some other setting in the Edit->Preferences->
Mail Preferences->Junk tab and the junk filtering settings on the
respective account.

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