Re: [Evolution] Version 3.38.3-1 keeps asking for passwords

gnome-keyring is running. I tried killing and restarting it. I
deleted all the keyring files.

How to fix it?  Well often the most pragmatic approach is a reboot.

Things were working fine until I rebooted. I have since rebooted
several times.

Run Evolution from the command line.  Are there any errors reported
relating to passwords and storage?

You might also like to try looking at the passwords/keyting using
seahorse - just to make sure it can successfully access them.

Can I also just check, is this a native version of Evolution or a
Flatpack one?  I also notice you sent your last message using Evolution
3.30.5 I presume this is on a different system to the one you are
running 3.38.3 on?


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