Re: [Evolution] Evolution 3.34.1-2 "locked" in search

In order to correct this in the past,  Restarting evolution data
services should resolve it.   Easiest way was to reboot the laptop.
Then relaunch evolution.  Search clearing was easy then.

On Sat, 2021-10-23 at 12:09 +0200, Dominique Archambault via evolution-
list wrote:
Following up this thread :

I have the same problem. Evolution is "locked" in a search. That is
cannot see anything else than the search. If I remove the word in
search field, it comes back. Wherever i click I keep the result page
the search.

I tried John Lauterbach's proposal (referred in the link above) and
did not work.

I quit, I killed all processes and restarted, same phenomena



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