Re: [Evolution] Take Evolution offline from a bash script?

On Mon, 2021-10-18 at 22:57 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
In that case, I guess I'll back those up too, at least until I can
find a way to use the built-in backup utility from a bash script
run with cron.

Milan has already pointed you at the command to use within a script -
 /usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup --backup /mnt/backup/evo-
the location of that command may vary with distro.

Tried that. The file (usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup)is there,

$ usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup --backup

bash: usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup: No such file or directory


$ sudo usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup --backup

sudo: usr/libexec/evolution/evolution-backup: command not found

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