Re: [Evolution] Trying to set Evolution up after crash recovery

On Fri, 2021-10-01 at 00:49 -0400, lar3ry sasktel net wrote:
But if I click on any email in the list, I get an "Unable to retrieve
message."  with the string (for example):
"Cannot get message 1632777049.3622_3644.Whizz from folder
/home/larry/.local/share/evolution/mail/local: No such file or

it looks like the backup has some files missing, at least on the first
look. If you still have the backup before the crash, check the


it should contain several files starting with a dot, thus being hidden
by default. For example On This Computer/Inbox messages are stored on
the disk at:


The file you are searching for is not the 1632777049.3622_3644.Whizz,
it has a suffix related to the Maildir structure being used here. Many
of my messages has a ":2,S" suffix (quotes for clarity only). Maybe try
to move away, not delete, the


file. It contains the information you see in the message list in the
Evolution, and some other things like message labels and the like. When
you move it away and then run Evolution, it'll be recreated based on
the actual content of the corresponding directories. Enter the folders
in the Evolution GUI twice, it sometimes helped.

In any case, if you have a working backup of the home partition before
the install, then copying the directories mentioned at
when the evolution and evolution-data-server processes are not running
(`ps ax | grep evolution`, can give you an idea about that; try
`evolution --force-shutdown` which should close all of them, but some
other application can restart them, thus be careful), then when you
replace the directories and then run Evolution you should be at the
same state as before. Supposing you use exactly the same version of the
evolution and the evolution-data-server.

Again, do not delete the files/directories, rather move them away,
thus, in case anything misbehaves, you have a chance to return them
back. Similarly copy files from the backup, to keep the backup as is.


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