Re: [Evolution] Trying to set Evolution up after crash recovery

Please excuse the non-linking to a thread, but I am sending this from a webmail interface.

I have managed to find emails from the last week or so, but nothing more. There should have been email dating 
back 10 or 15 years, many of which were imported from my Windows email client, Pegasus.

I ran extundelete, but it showed nothing.
I then ran ext4magic, which shows about 190 emails. In looking at the emails, I see a lot of them in places 
where they should not be.

For example:
both have an email from an OpenSCAD mailing list, which don't belong there.

This particular email shows up in quite a few mbox files, in different ones, all with the same contents.

I think I am pretty much resigned to the fact that emails since late April are gone for good, but I want to 
do some exploring, and as part of that, I want to find out what the various parts of the names after the ':' 
mean (2, FS, S, ST, RS, etc.), but I could not find anything in the list archives.


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