Re: [Evolution] activate Spamassassin

On Mon, 2021-11-22 at 06:56 +0000, Sorin Srbu via evolution-list wrote:
On a sidenote, is either the bogofilter or spamassasin the preferred
spamfilter solution for Evolution Mail, or is this a personal

It seems like bogofilter needs less setup, but I might be wrong.
Bogofilter seems to filter my gmail and workaccount on Office365 just
but seems to be totally lost on my Yahoo Mail-account.

Any thoughts on this?

Back when I did local spam filtering, I used Bogofilter and it worked
reasonably well. SpamAssassin is really more geared to mail servers.

Nowadays I only do server-side filtering as my accounts are all based
on Gmail or Google Workspace and the filtering is very effective. I
appreciate that not everyone is going to want to do that but it works
for me.


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