[Evolution] activate Spamassassin


version 3.36.5-0ubuntu1

I've been trying to set up SA. I installed the package and trained it
by clicking “junk”. When I saw >200 mails in the junk folder and
nothing happened, I searched and found out that it also needs 200 ham
mails. So I looked for 200 normal/ham mails and marked them as “not
junk”. Then I was still getting spam. I searched again and wanted to
check whether my user_prefs files works (
), this did not give the expected result (no change in the mail
headers). On another site I found out that you need (but not
necessarily) to create a message filter that redirects/pipes all
incoming mails to SA so that it will mark spam by “YES” in the header.
That also didn't happen. I tried restarting evolution inbetween.
What am I missing? Does it have to be so complicated to get a spam
filter going? I'm getting lots of spam mails …
Thank you!

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