Re: [Evolution] multiple pop accounts and legacy archive


Just an update on the previous attempt:

I do like all my emails, past present and future to be
stored on my local file system. Ideally, I do not want any meta data of
the client contaminating that either. I have tried the following:

- create a folder$HOME/Mail/Received
- convert all my received emails from past 25 years into
 $HOME/Mail/Received using mb2md as a maildir archive

- open evolution, add a "Received" logical folder to my local, quit

rm -r $HOME/.local/share/evolution/mail/local/.Received
ln -s $HOME/Mail/Received

- start evolution again, and wait.

Unfortunately, that did not quite work: 

- only a couple of hundred emails are shown
- a lot were tagged with "Rubbish"
- the date was as of today, not the date found in the email

How could I go about making all my emails visible in evolution?

Kind regards,

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