Re: [Evolution] Move several tasks from one task list to another

On Fri, 2021-11-05 at 14:31 +0100, theapplepie differentmail com wrote:

And there may be an (old?) bug: When I used Edit->Cut (or Copy), then
select the (different) destination task list on the left (panel) and
then wanted to do Edit->Paste, the Paste was greyed out. I could Paste
(context menu) within the tasklist, though ...

I believe it's an old bug, present in your 3.36.5. I recall something
similar being fixed maybe not so long ago.

Maybe this could be improved if there is time and if it is not much
work. Would you like me to create some reports on github? Or is it not
important enough?

I agree, it can be improved. Do not use GitHub, the right place is:

I won't do "Paste to this task list", more intuitive would be
"copy/move the selection to the task list". And, of course, similarly
for the Memos view.

        Thanks and bye,

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