[Evolution] Suddenly can't send emails via SMTP. Imap to google works

Hi, 2 days ago I tried to send an email without success. Thinking it may be a temporary network error I waited until the following day but it still didn't go. Today I have a bit more time to look at it. The reported error is "HELO command failed: Error reading data from TLS socket: An unexpected TLS packet was received.". I have two email providers, one unencrytped the other encrypted, I can send to neither of these. I can send email from a tablet on my network so that excludes the router. I can make a TLS connection with Filezilla so that would suggest that the OS is not the cause. I used the Account editor to check for supported auth types and it returned all options struck through. I am on Fedora 33 and Evolution 3.38.4. The last email to be sent via SMTP was on 1/6/21. Help would be much appreciated as this is way above my skill level.
Also I'd like to mention that sending via Imap is very very slow.

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