Re: [Evolution] Suddenly can't send emails via SMTP. Imap to google works

On Wed, 2021-06-16 at 11:03 +0100, barfonne--- via evolution-list
The last email to be sent via SMTP was on 1/6/21. Help would be much
appreciated as this is way above my skill level.
Also I'd like to mention that sending via Imap is very very slow.

getting mail and sending mail are two different things, which usually
contact two different services on a single machine, or even two
different machines as such. There is nothing like "sending via IMAP" in
Evolution, the IMAP protocol is used to read messages from the server.
One can upload messages to the server too, but it's not like sending.
To send the message the SMTP server is used (or a sendmail binary), as
you mentioned.

I would suggest to try different connection options for the SMTP server
of the affected account. It looks like the server rejects the
connection on the set port. Try to change the port. Then try to change
the encryption method, from "TLS" to "STARTTLS", in combination with
the other ports. All of this in the account Properties->Sending Email
tab. I think these changes can work without restarting Evolution.

Try to run Evolution from a terminal like this:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=smtp evolution

It can print some information about the SMTP server, if it gets that

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