Re: [Evolution] No password and Access Violation using Windows

On Wed, 2021-12-29 at 23:33 -0800, Sam Hobbs wrote:
I have installed Evolution 2.28.2 in Windows 10. I set up an account 
using IMAP. The account is in the side bar except when I try to
it I get nothing; it says Loading momentarily. The status bar says 
Scanning folders in [the account]. No inbox or any of the expected 

In my system's event viewer there is an error in the Application log 
that is probably relevant. The following shows the entry plus another
Information entry that appears a couple of seconds later.

Evolution 2.28 is very very old, and IIRC Evolution never really worked
on well on Windows as the focus has always been on Linux. I don't even
remember if it worked at all on Windows 10, but either way I think the
chances of getting support for this are slim to none.


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