Re: [Evolution] Evolution hangs if Gnome Keyring isn't open before starting

On Sun, 2021-12-19 at 01:42 +0100, Ángel wrote:
Evolution asks the Keyring, and if it isn't there it would show the
password prompt (i.e. it it was working).
Note that if the keyring wasn't running it should be activated

I can confirm that I have seen the same problem for a long time
with my older CentOS-7-supplied Evolution 3.28.5 under Mate.
I can add that when I log in after a bootup, Seahorse is not running.
If I start evolution first, it asks for the password.  If instead of
entering it, I then start seahorse with my login password, evolution
gets the email password from seahorse and I don't have to answer its
query.  If I start seahorse first, evolution never asks me for a

My conclusion is that this is not an evolution problem at all,
but a problem with getting seahorse, or whatever machinery is
behind it, or whatever it is you call Keyring, to start at login.
I have been unable to find a seahorse discussion group to bring
this up.  It might have to do with Mate vs. gnome in my case,
but the similarity of my problem to the one posted suggests it is
not that, but some machinery that is common to gnome and Mate
startup independent of evolution.  Further insight would be welcome.

Best to all,
George Reeke

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