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If privacy and multiple system access is a concern,  setup Nextcloud
and sync with it.  Integrates nice with online accounts for Gnome.
Syncs with Andriod and Ios.   Plus you get file sync, calendar sync and

On Sat, 2021-12-11 at 18:07 -0500, Max Pyziur wrote:


I sent this to the users lists fedora org list, and was requested to
it to evolution-list.

I would appreciate any advice in this regard.

Much thanks,

Max Pyziur
pyz brama com

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Subject: Seeking advice - Considering move to Google Contacts or


I recently was required to upgrade my current phone (Samsung S7) to a
new phone
(Samsung S52) since the one I've had wasn't 5G compatible. The
service is

I've relied on using MemoToo's cloud service to sync my addressbook
and calendar
managed by Evolution on my primary computer, and then to sync my
contacts from MemoToo.

MemoToo provided an app, and everything worked reliably on my S7 for

In porting to the A52, the MemoToo can be installed, the contacts and
addressbook can downloaded, but they are not visible to the A52
contacts and
calendar apps. Reviewing the MemoToo forums, this seems to be a
problem shared
by many MemoToo users. The S7 is still on Android 8.x while the A52
is uusing
Android 11. This could be the source of the issue, or it could be

Requesting clarification from MemoToo as to whether this issue will
be addressed
results in no response.

I've also approached the SyncEvolution community. There was some
advice and some
alternative apps suggested, but so far, I haven't been able to make

So, I'm looking for advice on how to proceed from the Fedora
  - What services are available to sync to Evolution and then to the
A52, if at
  - Or is syncing Evolution to Google Contacts and Calendar is
  -- if the latter, is there guidance on setting this up?

Much thanks,

Max Pyziur
pyz brama com

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