[Evolution] Keep same view for all folders, but show All Messages/Unread Messages folder specific

On my old laptop I used to have Evolution 3.40. In the Mail Preferences
I had the option ‘Apply the same view settings to all folders’ checked.
On some folders I was displaying all messages, on others I was
displaying only unread messages (using the ‘Show:’ button above the
message list). Evolution was remembering that setting when I was
switching back and forth between folders. I found that very handy.

I transferred my data to my new laptop running Evolution 3.42, using
the ‘Restore Evolution data…’ facility. But now I’m finding that the
‘Show:’ setting is no longer folder specific.

If I uncheck ‘Apply the same view settings to all folders’, then I can
again have that setting folder specific, but I also have to manually
change the view to my customised version to each and every folder I

Did something change between 3.40 and 3.42, and was that change

If that new behaviour is meant to stay, then is there a way to bulk
apply a view to all folders?


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