Re: [Evolution] MS Graph support, EWS API deprecation notice

On Thu, 2021-12-09 at 12:22 +0100, Bezdeka, Florian via evolution-list
There is also an evolution-ews gitlab issue for that
topic located at [2].

I'm just repeating what I wrote in that bug:

   Thanks for the notice, I've not been aware of that announcement.
   Believe or not, the list of the APIs is an image, not a text, thus
   there's a room for error on my side...
   I git grep-ed the code and the only used APIs from that list are
   RemoveDelegate and UpdateDelegate, which are called from Edit->
   Preferences->Mail Accounts-><ews-account>->Edit->Delegates page,
   thus, from my point of view, nothing critical. It can be removed in
   the future.
   I agree with some of the comments there (I did not read all of it),
   until there's a feature parity between the EWS and the Graph API
   there is no way to move from one to the other. I did try and the
   code exists, but the Graph API was not any close to the EWS, thus
   it's disabled by default.

        Thanks and bye,

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