Re: [Evolution] headers not showing

On Wed, 2021-12-01 at 21:33 +0100, Frank wrote:
you will need to tell me how to do and then I can complie it

no problem. Compiling evolution is not easy and even there is a how-to
available [1], I do not want to waste your time, thus let's skip it. 

I currently have webkit2gtk-2.34.2-1 installed. When I downgraded to
webkit2gtk-2.34.1-3 I had the same issue but with webkit2gtk-2.34.1-2
Evolution no longer starts.

Interesting, there should not be any API change. I guess you'd need to
downgrade also Evolution, to match the needs. By the way, when you run
`evolution` from a terminal, what does it print there as a reason for
the failure of the start? That error should narrow what to do to fix

If you know when Evolution stopped showing the headers, at least
approximately, then I'd check what packages changed since it worked the
last time and try to restore previous version of them to see which will
help. One option was the WebKitGTK package, but it was only a wild
guess. There can be other packages involved.


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