[Evolution] Fun with drop downs

Evolution :    3.40.4 (flatpak git8bc9e45) 
Kernel:            5.4.0-81-generic x86_64
Desktop:       MATE 1.22.2
Distro:             Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia

I run 10 email accounts with  IMAP in Evolution.   2 personal accounts,  4 business accounts and
4 client management accounts.   To complicate things I also manage 4 calendars,  1 primary and 3

Because of all of that,  I frequently get calender invites going to the wrong email address.
Normally,  Evolution displays the invite with a drop down that lets me assign which calendar
to add it to. 

The problem that I am now encountering is that the drop down doesn't always have a scroll bar.

Any thoughts on how to work around not having the scroll bar?  

And yes, it is slightly more  difficult than just remembering a counting down N places below the 
bottom of the window  as  the list in the window changes based on which account received the invite.

The account having the invite is always at the top of the window, less the actual calendar account name, 
followed by the list of all  the other accounts in an unknown order ( not alphabetical nor in the 
Evolution order).


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