[Evolution] Searching emails with ews-accounts

Hi all,

Just ran into a weird problem with a one off search searching my work mail
We have Office 365 at work and I connected Evolution to that account.

I can see the mail I wanted, but searching for it doesn't show it strangely
I am in the folder the mail is in and have "Show: All Messages" and "Current
Folder" selected.

Researching a bit on the 'net shows that Evolution Mail has previously had
some deficiences when it comes to searching mails. The search bug report I
randomly looked into is from late 201 though. 
Surely things have evolved since then?

If not, what are my options?
Is there any Evo-plug I can install to fix this?
Or third-party solutions maybe?

I don't recall seeing this problem with my Gmail accounts.

I use Evolution 3.36.4-0ubuntu1 and lates Ubuntu LTS.

Thanks for any pointers, tips and tricks.


Sorin Srbu, Serverdrift
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