Re: [Evolution] Spam filter not moving spam to spam folder anymore.

On Sat, 2020-10-24 at 17:40 -0700, Gary Koskenmaki wrote:

I had this same problem using bogofilter.  My solution was to install
the evolution-plugin-spamassassin and spamassassin
packages from my Linux distro  and then go to Evolution Preferences-
Mail Preferences->Junk and enable Spam Assassin in
place of bogofilter on the following option: junk filtering
software:.  I still get a few emails that the filter doesn't
catch but it does catch most of them after marking junk mail as

I hadn't had a piece of junk mail in years as my email provider was
stopping all junk mail, so these are pretty
sophisticated junk mail senders.  I'm not surprised that bogofilter
was having problems with them but enabling
spamassassin seems to work pretty well.  

If you run Windows I have no idea what extra packages you would have
install as I haven't run windows now for 15 years
or so.  I would imagine there are online resources that will tell you
what you need to do in Windows.

I run the 3.36.4 version of Evolution.

Oh lord... Spam Assassin marked legit emails as apam.. 2 emails from
Yahoo ( for my moms old account) and 2 from the local news station
and replies to this message got marked as spam.. What do I do to
stopthat from happening?

Chris CWM030 com

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