Re: [Evolution] Where to store local accounts?

On Wed, 2020-10-14 at 02:15 +0200, Ángel wrote:
Yes, it is a private evolution folder. ...
Diving into this, it seems that there is a cache-reaper getting rid
of unexpected cache and data dirs.

yes, both of the above is correct. When an account is removed, the
cache-reaper removes directories to which it doesn't have a reference
(the account).

The question is, which would have been the "proper place" to locate
such folder?

Definitely not private evolution directories. My question would be:
what do you want to achieve? I mean, do you want to have the mails
backed up with Evolution's backup tool together with the other data? In
that case store it somewhere under ~/.local/share/evolution/. Obviously
not under the 'mail' and other directories, just use your own directory
under the "top" directory. Like ~/.local/share/evolution/my-mail.
That's only a workaround, as you might usually store your local mails
under On This Computer. The custom Maildir accounts are used (from my
point of view) to access messages from other services, where those
services are responsible for the data backup and so on.


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