Re: [Evolution] Localization of IMAP folders

On Sun, 2020-10-11 at 16:41 +0200, Markus Loechner wrote:
Thanks for your reply.

I'm not sure how you "replied" to the previous message, but it surely
broke threading. Reply To List (Ctrl+L) should do the right thing,
including quoting. Well, depending on your settings. It's just harder
to follow your references to the previous message when a) it's not
quoted in your reply; b) the reply doesn't stick with the previous
message in the thread). Having the subject similar to the previous one
is not enough.

Actually, this behaviour also seems to be implemented in Evolution
for the inbox folder, and is implemented in this manner for any other
mail client I've so far seen.

The Inbox is kind of special, it's case insensitive, thus server can
have nay of "inbox", "INBOX', and a mix of those and all of the is the
same Inbox folder.

And regarding your question, yes, it may sound odd in that
case, but it would also lead to a unified displaying scheme between
different accounts, so not all bad. Can you follow me there? 

Yes, I understand it. Maybe if you can file a bug against Evolution [1],
something like "Mail: Localize all special folders in the folder tree",
then it can be looked on.

        Thanks and bye,


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