Re: [Evolution] Localization of IMAP folders

Hi Milan,

Thanks for your reply. I would personally expect Evolution to override
the displayed folder name in folder tree to the locale standard if it
has been assigned in the Defaults settings (via Edit > Preferences >
Mail Accounts > Edit > Defaults) of the mail account. Actually, this
behaviour also seems to be implemented in Evolution for the inbox
folder, and is implemented in this manner for any other mail client
I've so far seen.

And this makes sense from my point of view, since you can rename any
user-created folder on the server, but not the server-defined default
ones, that have to assure interoperability between different
interfaces. And regarding your question, yes, it may sound odd in that
case, but it would also lead to a unified displaying scheme between
different accounts, so not all bad. Can you follow me there? 

Anyway, I think it would be great for (at least my) UX if one could set
the locally displayed name for those folders according to one's
preferences. Apart from that, I greatly like Evolution for its simple
and concise UI.

Best regards,

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