Re: [Evolution] Evolution Filters broken

On Fri, 2020-10-02 at 22:19 -0500, Christopher Marlow wrote:

I have some filters that are not working anymore in LMDE. 

I have filters set up like so:

I have my emails moved from my AOL imap account down to saved on this
computer where my emails are stored locally on my hardrive.

How do I have that rule set up? I have the rule at the top and the
goes move any emails address to xxxxx aol com to SAVED ON MY COMPUTER

I have filters not working anymore these are the following ones that
not work anymore:

Do not tell me to RTFM and read the help me.. I have done tried

I have been racking my brain on why these filters are not working for

I dont understand what I am doing wrong that they are not working

Can anyone tell me what I am setting wrong for those emails to not be
filtered into the right folders? 

I am hoping that it is just a setting I have ticked wrong or
out of place. 

Evolution 3.30.5


WAIT A MINUTE........I think I have figured it out.........

I need to set my rules to FOR ACCOUNT......... to the AOL account

then set the rule as if from xyz abc com move to folder xyz on Saved on
my pc.

instead of moving emails directly to the saved on my pc folder first
then filtering them.. I need to filter the emails directly from the aol
account to the folder I need it to go to on SAVED ON MY PC.

So I had to remove the step that says move emails addressed to 
xxx aol com to INBOX/ Saved on my pc... I delteted that rule and then
set my rules to FOR ACCOUNT XXX AOL COM.

SO basically its moving the emails directly from AOL's IMAP server to
the folder on SAVED ON MY PC...

Sorry never mind false alarm and its 10:30 at night and I just figured
it out! 

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