[Evolution] Evolution Filters broken


I have some filters that are not working anymore in LMDE. 

I have filters set up like so:

I have my emails moved from my AOL imap account down to saved on this
computer where my emails are stored locally on my hardrive.

How do I have that rule set up? I have the rule at the top and the rule
goes move any emails address to xxxxx aol com to SAVED ON MY COMPUTER

I have filters not working anymore these are the following ones that do
not work anymore:



Do not tell me to RTFM and read the help me.. I have done tried that.. 

I have been racking my brain on why these filters are not working for

I dont understand what I am doing wrong that they are not working

Can anyone tell me what I am setting wrong for those emails to not be
filtered into the right folders? 

I am hoping that it is just a setting I have ticked wrong or something
out of place. 

Evolution 3.30.5


Chris CWM030 com

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