Re: [Evolution] evolution 3.36 bug

On Sat, 2020-05-30 at 10:07 -0500, Orrin McGill wrote:

Please don't top post on this mailing list.

Finally some substance,

I can only apologize on behalf of everyone here for not immediately
providing you with a comprehensive answer.

 now how do I get a flatpack sandbox to
recognise the printers available on the system.

I don't know (and indeed don't like) flatpack, but it probably depends
on the default permissions of flatpack, your desktop and numerous other

You need to take it up with your distro.

Note to self: do not use flatpack versions.

They can be useful - especially when a distro doesn't provide the most
recent version or for testing things. But if you are going to use a
flatpack version of something then you need to be aware of the
constraints associated with it. Evolution is a very complex
application, not everything fits within the constraints of a sandbox
packaging system.


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