Re: [Evolution] evolution 3.36 bug

On Sat, 2020-05-30 at 10:07 -0500, Orrin McGill wrote:
Finally some substance, now how do I get a flatpack sandbox to
recognise the printers available on the system.

Note to self: do not use flatpack versions.

Snaps and Flatpacks could run in a development mode, fore example:

"D-Bus access

Access to the entire bus with --socket=system-bus or --socket=session-
bus should be avoided, unless the application is a development tool." -

And as always for all those Linux unique crap, the obligatory blame
other for our unfinished moronism:

"you should file individual bugs for each application on their Flathub
pages, as the way they enumerate and access printers is likely different
for each one of them, and the problem wouldn't be a generic Flatpak or
portal problem." -

You unlikely will find such unfinshed container approaches on other
UNIXoid platforms, such as FreeBSD.

While I'm in favour of Linux, I anyway cast an eye on UNIXoid platforms
that still stay to a standard. You will not find pulseaudio, a flatpack
or a snap thingy etc. on any of my Linux installs. While I'm willing to
use something that is far away from UNIX alike philosophy, such as
systemd, I'm not willing to use crap such as pulseaudio, since upstream
does blame ALSA drivers that work when using ALSA, if they don't work
when using pulseaudio.

There's no advantage when using containers such as sanps or flatpacks,
when it is rocket since to get an app working without issues or to
switch to a development mode to get them working.

Note! Linux has got no standard.
De facto isn't a

Avoid to divate more from common sense, than absolutely needed. We are
more or less forced to use systemd, but we don't need to use something
like a flatpack. If you run in unresolvable soname issues when trying to
build latest software from upstream, migrate to a rolling release
distro. I'm using Arch Linux. It does follow upstream and at worst I
sometimes need to maintain a few outdated libraries on my own, to
install them parallel to the latest and greatest libraries provided by
the rolling release's repositories.

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