Re: [Evolution] Evolution and the X-NC-CalDAV-Webcal-Caching header

On Wed, 2020-05-27 at 08:52 +0200, Robin Lee via evolution-list wrote:
Ok, when setup through GOA the calendar URL is 

and through a Collection account

I'm pretty sure when you run Evolution as this:

   $ WEBDAV_DEBUG=1 evolution &>log.txt

then open menu File->New->Calendar, set there the address:


and click "Find Calendar", then you'll see the server returned one of
the addresses as:


(the one with 'dav', not 'caldav'). I guess it's the server fault that
it rejects CalDAV requests on an address it claimed as a user's
calendar (or that it returns dav/ address for CalDAV, when it
cannot/doesn't want to operate on that address).

Evolution relies on what the server returns. If it returns incorrect
data, then Evolution uses incorrect data. 

I just tested this with a Nextcloud 16.0.1 and I can add a calendar
using this method with no problem, it is referenced with the 'dav'
address. Could they change anything intentionally between mine and your
version? That might be a question for them, I'm afraid.

You can run the calendar factory with CalDAV debugging on, as mentioned
in my previous mail, to see what the server returns for that /dav/
address, which may help to diagnose the problem.


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