Re: [Evolution] Evolution stuck on one mail message

On Tue, 2020-05-19 at 12:42 -0700, Van Snyder wrote:
Sometimes when I open a mail message (i.e., click on it's item in the
summary pane), evolution gets stuck on that message and won't display
another one until I kill evolution. The "close" button doesn't work.
Alt-F4 doesn't work.

I'm using an antique 2.32.3, because I'm not allowed to have the root
password for my computer.

1. How can I cause evolution to give up on displaying a message?

This is a new problem. I've been using evolution 2.32.3 for years
because my sys-admin retired and a new one hasn't taken over.

Is there a chance there's something in a configuration file that's
causing the problem? Which one? Where is it?

The problem appears to occur when the message wants to load stuff using
http or https. Sometimes it displays the content, sometimes it doesn't.
Sometimes, independently of whether it's displayed the content or not,
that message is locked in the message text pane. There's a message
"Retrieving http://so-and-so (0% complete)" in the bottom margin.
Killing that using the little red "X" buttonb doesn't unlock the message
text pane.

I can still read messages by double clicking in the message preview
line, which opens a separate window. I can still change the message
preview to different accounts, or to different folders (such as "Bulk
Mail"). I can still switch to other work, such as editing contacts. So
the program isn't locked up. Just the message text pane.

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