[Evolution] Evolution stuck on one mail message

Sometimes when I open a mail message (i.e., click on it's item in the
summary pane), evolution gets stuck on that message and won't display
another one until I kill evolution. The "close" button doesn't work.
Alt-F4 doesn't work.

I'm using an antique 2.32.3, because I'm not allowed to have the root
password for my computer.

1. How can I cause evolution to give up on displaying a message?

2. Alternatively, how can I install evolution in my own account?  I've
been told that newer versions will want to change the format of the
stored mail. I'd rather not do that because I have evolution on other
computers (where it works fine). I keep their archives synchronized by
rsync-ing, them using evolution to move from the received package into
the correct archive directories.

Van Snyder
van snyder sbcglobal net

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