Re: [Evolution] Subject: forward email by filter rule failed

On Thu, 2020-04-23 at 18:22 +0200, S. Pfeifer wrote:
Yes, I am running on Evolution 3.36.2 (flatpak gitb091e19) now with
all my accounts & settings. The forewarding works on a test case, I
created. But one think is open: the forwarding is done by the freenet
smtp-server, but I like to switch to anoter account to do so. How
could I do?

just to clarify, the 3.36.2 works properly for you, the messages from
one account are forwarded using that account and message from the other
account are forwarded using the other account, right?

I finally have got to this and tested it here and it seems to work
properly for manually invoked filter rule, which simply forwards the
selected message.
        Thanks and bye,

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