Re: [Evolution] Accounts scanning folders; requires Google creds each launch

On Wed, 2020-05-13 at 16:14 -0700, Thomas Smith via evolution-list
Restarting Ev results in it asking for Google credentials again. 
Again and again.  Removed Google account, and the other two accounts
still hang.  I can remove the other two accounts, but I suspect
something deeper is going on.

it looks like something broke with your libsecret counterpart, not
being able to read/write credentials to it. It's usually covered by
gnome-keyring-daemon, to which for example also seahorse talks. Maybe
verify with it whether your secrets/credentials can be accessed.

I would try to stop Evolution, then open a terminal and run from it:

   $ /usr/libexec/evolution-source-registry

(the actual path can differ in your distribution; maybe use
`ps ax | grep evolution` to see which one is used on your system).
After it's up for few seconds (thus the D-Bus service is properly
registered) run also Evolution from another terminal. Watch both
terminals for any runtime warnings, which may or may not help to
diagnose the problem.

If that's not being it, when you say the two accounts are hung, what
does that mean in practice, please? Is it that they do not update, but
you can see received mails from the past, or the Evolution itself is
frozen and you cannot do anything with it?

Also, are the accounts configured directly in Evolution or though some
other service, like GNOME Online Accounts? As you get credentials
prompt for the Google account I suppose it was configured directly in
Evolution. The other two as well, right?

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