[Evolution] Accounts scanning folders; requires Google creds each launch

Hello!  Yesterday, Evolution hanged when opening an attachment (.docx, being opened by TextMaker).  Killing process didn't shut it down.  Rebooted computer.  Following reboot and launch of Ev, it showed "scanning folders" for two accounts, and required Google credentials for the third.   Google mail, calendar and contacts then appeared to sync.  Other two accounts still hanging.  Restarting Ev results in it asking for Google credentials again.  Again and again.  Removed Google account, and the other two accounts still hang.  I can remove the other two accounts, but I suspect something deeper is going on.  Bug perhaps?

Manjaro 20.0 w/ Gnome 3.6.6
Evolution 3.36.2
Core i7 / 16GB

Thanks! Thoughts?


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