Re: [Evolution] new user - spam issue

On Tue, 2020-05-12 at 16:06 +0200, Ludo Beckers via evolution-list
I simply - perhaps naively - assumed it might have to do with the
Evo. install, since it happened at that same time.
So, now I presume you will suggest that I investigate via the
Gmail-forum instead of here?

once upon a time, there was a bug about marking messages as spam by
Evolution in error. I do not recall (m)any details, I'm sorry, just the
symptoms were similar. What it does for you, that the message is
considered spam even after you mark it as not being spam, is
suspicious. The thing is, whenever a message has a Junk flag set, it is
considered as junk/spam; when the IMAP account is configured to use a
real Junk folder (which is correct for Gmail), Evolution moves such
marked messages to the real Junk folder.

The question is how, and why, the messages are receiving the Junk

I suggest to:
a) open the mail account Properties->Receiving Options tab and uncheck
   the option "Check new messages for Junk content" - as being said,
   Google provides pretty good spam filtering;
b) go to Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->Junk tab and disable junk
   options there. If you've Bogofilter or Spamassassin installed, then,
   if not used by anything else, I'd try to uninstall them. That should
   remove also the corresponding plugin from Evolution.

Junk filtering goes through usual filters, thus you can enable its
debugging, as described here:

And/or run Evolution as:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=junk evolution

to get some debugging specific to junk filtering.

You can also enable IMAP debugging, to see whether the flags are set by
Evolution or by something else. I recall a use whom faced some similar
problem and it turned out that some other client had been setting the
flags and Evolution processed them accordingly (or "accordingly", if
you prefer). To enable the IMAP debugging you can run Evolution from a
terminal like this:

   $ CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx:io evolution

Note it logs raw communication between the server and the Evolution,
thus nothing you'd share in public. Just search it for "\Junk" (quotes
for clarity only). It might be there a lot of times, I think, unless
Evolution marks the message as Junk and immediately moves it to the
spam folder. You can also search for "COPYUID" (quotes for clarity
only), which contains a response after moving messages to some folder
on the same server. The move of the messages to the Spam folder, made
by Evolution, should be done with it.


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